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5 Times Bollywood Brides Escaped the Ordinary- Their Best Wedding Moments.

Gone are the days when brides wore the traditional red lehenga or opted for a conventional wedding. The new era is marked by doing things your own way. The way that is comfortable to you and feels the best for you. The way that defines you and becomes your choice to be you. When talking of doing of things your own way, our Bollywood Brides are not behind anyone. And when it comes to weddings, they sure can get super creative. Here are 5 Bollywood Brides who ditched the conventional and become the perfect example of escape the ordinary.


Anushka Sharma

When talking of Bollywood Celebs doing things their own way, we need to talk about Anushka Sharma ditching the traditional red lehenga and going for something different. Reds have dominated  Indian Bridal wear for decades but not any longer. Anushka Sharma was an absolute vision in her dreamy Pastel Pink Lehenga. She definitely redefined elegance and gave way to more brides ditching the ordinary.



Yami Gautam

While having fancy and lavish weddings is the trend, Yami Gautam opted for a simple and intimate wedding in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. She married from her house in Himachal and her wedding was all about minimalism and being connected to the roots. She wore her mother’s saree for the intimate event and went for a simple self done makeup. The highlight of her outfit was the traditional Pahadi Nath which complimented her look.



Alia Bhatt 

Alia Bhatt’s Minimal Bridal look sure has everyone talking and for all the right reasons! Alia Bhatt ditched the heavy bridal look and went for a look that was minimal, intimate and obviously out of the box. She chose to wear an ivory saree instead of the usual red lehenga and opted for a rather light makeup. She also chose to keep her hair open, so we guess, it’s a bye bye to buns. She definitely proved that less is more. Her bridal look sure is a fashion statement in itself.



Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza’s wedding was all about sustainability. She went for a minimal décor with décor elements that were natural and supported sustainability. She opted for hand crafted gifts instead of handing out lavish gifts to her guests. What’s more is that she chose to let go of the rituals of Kanyadan and Bidai and got a priestess to officiate the wedding because change begins with a choice. She wore a beautiful Red Benarsi Saree and looked absolutely stunning. The idea was to choose an outfit that doesn’t lie hanging but could be worn again and again.



Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s wedding was a grand affair and no less than a fairytale. She definitely made heads turn with her absolutely gorgeous sindoor red lehenga. She opted for not one but two ceremonies, a Hindu wedding honoring her Hindu roots and a Christian wedding celebrating Nick’s Christian Background. She chose to marry in style, on her terms. She definitely made a statement.


All these Bollywood Brides did away with basics and proved that your wedding needs to be about you. By choosing unconventional wedding outfits, they redefined Indian Bridal wear and by breaking the stereotypes, they definitely escaped the ordinary. 

Thank you to all these women who exemplify the VIBGYOR values – Versatile, Independent, Bold, Gorgeous, Youthful, Outstanding and Respectful.


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