In tune with the latest trend- Capes

Imagine dancing your worries off and having a lot of fun at a party without having to worry about handling your dress?

Imagine wearing something fashionable and looking gorgeous that people can’t take their eyes off you?

Imagine having something that can be worn on multiple occasions? and can also be styled in multiple ways to give a different look?

Yes, we’re talking about what’s new and what’s trending in dress up’s this period, Capes!!.

It wasn’t until the Victorian era that capes, which were now worn by more women than men, cemented their place in fashion history. As capes became more entrenched in fashion, their utilitarian roots fell by the wayside. In the 1950s, designers reimagined the cape completely, eschewing functionality by abbreviating the length to the chest and closing the front. It was seen as a fashion statement, with an emphasis on shape, fabric, and seamless lines. The cape fell out of fashion after that—until Christopher Bailey introduced Burberry’s monogrammed checked blanket-style poncho cape in 2014. He had tapped Cara Delevingne to close his Fall/Winter 2014 show, and it became one of the most memorable final looks on the runway: a flow-y printed dress with a blanket poncho draped over one shoulder and printed with her initials. For the final lap, each model came out with her own personalized Burberry blanket poncho. It was met with immediate fanfare, resulting in a months-long waiting list and, eventually, a sold-out design. Not only did it spark the monogram movement, but it also reignited an interest in capes.

Flash forward, Capes saw an incredible surge on the Fall/Winter 2018 runways globally and the interest has continued to this date. Now, Cape design and concept provides for an elegant and chic look, easy styling, versatility, easy wear and comfort, that has allowed it to lead in fashion trends and has now become an active part of the fashion vocabulary. So what exactly is this fashion hit?

A cape dress is something that combines the features of a cape, an outer garment or part of a garment that fits closely at the neck and hangs loosely over the shoulders, and the dress (in some styles). The cape is attached to the dress, pinned or sewn on and integrated into its construction. The dress and cape are usually made to coordinate in fabric and color – and acts as a dress up element by accentuating style. Further elements can be added to the cape such as frills, fringes, ruffles, embroidery etc to augment the overall ensemble and appeal. The cape cut is a figure-flattering design that elongates the neck and flirtatiously hints at skin showing without showing very little if at all any.

Indian and Global Celebrities are often seen wearing trending capes on red carpet, in parties, on ramps, in socials, in photoshoots and covers of leading publications. Who better to take cues from some of the recent brides who have recently broken the internet with their choice of cape ensembles – Anushka Sharma, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Sara Ali Khan, Mira Rajput or the Red Carpet-A listers – Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger.

Now that we’ve come so far and have briefly discussed Cape history and trends, you must be excited and wonder, how you can incorporate them into your world and we for one would like to enable your fashion desires and needs every single time.

Here are some popular Cape Ensembles:

Cape Sarees:

You can add capes to your classic, ruffle or pre drape sarees or add complete cape ensembles to your wardrobe to get more in-trend with new creative looks. Would you not want to be seen as a new you and draw attention to your styles and appearance.


Cape Lehengas & Cape Pants:

Instantly elevate your look by adding a cape-lehenga or cape-pant ensembles. Lehenga or flared pant cape ensembles look great and can be worn with or without cape as the occasion demands. Add more versatility by mixing and matching with existing outfits to put together new looks for yourself.


Cape Gowns :

Cape ensembles - fusion, classic or western can add very interesting silhouettes lines from Sheath to low waist long column gowns. Allows one to draw attention to form fitting lines or provide cover to concerned areas whatever the reason might be.


Style, Sleeves & Cuts:

The cape itself can be worn as over shoulders or a single shoulder, on or off, over the head or around the back and mixed and matched for interesting style elements.

Vibgyor by Monica finds its inspiration for Cape styles from wear that is easy, comfortable and versatile through softer fabrics, easy to slip & carry designs and embracing inclusivity as in design & innovation for all body shapes.     

So go ahead and give this masterpiece of fashion a chance and get ready to shine and sparkle that beauty everywhere you go.


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