How to get the best ethnic couture look for any body shape?

A little wintry mix, a hot drink and thinking about what I can share through the blog this time. With parties and celebrations around the corner each of us worry a bit more than usual about what ethnic wear will coordinate great on my body type - ?  Well to be truthful I love 💕 every body shape and to us designers it gives immense pleasure and makes room for perfect couture. !

What your body shape is should give you an idea of what you should wear. Isn’t it?  This goes beyond simpler questions I have of my clients what colors you carry well? What  jewelry stones and accessories coordinate better? What look are you trying to create? Do you dress for smart fits or fashion fits?

Reminds me of a Givenchy quote I love “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress” 💞

At the heart of my work is to give my private clients shape and style through what I call “love for triangles” within their comfort zones - I perceive waist up as an upper triangle and waist down as lower triangle . As long as the couture can accentuate or create one or the other or both it allows for great style and shape, across any body type - straight/banana, pear, apple, oval, big body/frame and hour glass - any other shapes that you might be familiar with, to me are just extensions. 

On a straight body  shape , waist is not as clearly defined my advise is to go lehenga or a gown (belted look even better!) to give a lower triangle look. A embroidered jump suit looks pretty amazing as well. Avoid wearing shapeless outfits!

On an Apple body shape, luck is already favoring you as you already have an upper inverted triangle silhouette, accentuate the upper body with a embroidered cape dress (with less flair) or to give more attention to the mid section wear a scoop neck narrow Anarkali - soft textured fabrics to get that even more gorgeous looks. Avoid high and covered neck styles!

On a big body/frame, a style that works really well is 2 layered dresses 👗 the inside fitted to accentuate the natural body and outer loose layers that hides little imperfections that all of us can be a bit conscious about. A flowy fabric works great here. Think about a Kaftan or Chikankari or Drapes. To add a bit of oomph explore shoulder cuts. Avoid lehengas, anarkalis really any dress that fits to the body or shows up.!


On a pear shaped, large hips and a tinier bust you are already blessed with a lower triangle . The waist can be given more attention by giving a broader upper look either through a draped ethnic dress or a flair hem high like a cape sharara dress. Avoid tighter lowers, cigarette pants that accentuate the hips even more!

On Petite, the waist needs more attention and I love a cool flaired lehenga and a full/no sleeved short designer choli look.  A sharara or a palazzo would look as great. Avoid tight fits!

On Oval shaped body, waist is the widest section of the body and legs slimmest. Well then let’s get some more attention on the legs shall we?Wear shorter embroidered ethnic gowns, Avoid dhoti styled outfits!

So, whatever your body type there are good options and ideas to avoid to make yourself look great - love your body shape and help others love theirs too💞

 Happy 🛍

Pics courtesy : Vibgyor by Monica and Public domain

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