Shop FAQ

Is it safe to shop on

yes, uses industry leading ecommerce  platform from shopify, that powers over 500,000 web businesses including for e.g. Tesla shop, Budweiser shop, The economist, Redbull. Shopify is level 1 PCI compliant, and businesses using its platform automatically are PCI compliant for cart, hosting and online store activities.  In short, any data shared by you on is safe and secure.

How do I place an order on

When you find the item that you want select "CHECKOUT" button and follow instructions provided to complete the purchase. The payment would be the last step in the order taking process. Vibgyor continues to focus on making the order process simple and easy for its customers.

Can I ship my order to an international location.?

No, currently we are only able to accept online orders to shipping addresses within the United States.

What if I need extra help or advice about my purchase?

Please call (703-628-9419) for immediate responses or drop a note on to get responses within 24 hours.

Will I be charged sales tax on purchasing from

Vibgyor inc. is required by law to charge state and local sales tax for orders shipped to states where it has a business presence. Sales tax will be automatically applied to your order based on applicable state and local sales tax laws and shipping destination.

How do I check on my online order status?

For items ordered, there are multiple ways that allow you to track the order status. you will be able to track order status over a link emailed to you, or you could call 703 628 9419 or you could send an email to with the order status inquiry.

Where can I find Vibgyorbymonica retail store?

Vibgyor is headquartered in Chicago area, and has its stores in the Naperville and Plainfield, IL area.

What should I consider while buying designer dresses?

When looking for designer dresses fabric, design, personal style and signature are of utmost importance. Look for themes that you can relate to, and brings out the glamour in you. 

What should I consider while buying jewelry?

When looking for jewelry finish, intricacy, color coordination, size are key attributes. Another factor of great importance is the value of "coordinated looks" with dresses.

What should I consider while buying handbags?

When looking for clutches and handbags , we feel ethnic designs, hand crafted, natural materials, vibrant colors are of utmost importance. The vibrant colors allow an enhanced and coordinated look that does not come from contemporary handbags. 

What should I consider while buying accessories?

When looking for head , arm, wrist , hand and ankle accessories trendy, weight are key criteria to consider.

What is the process involved in buying custom bridal?

When looking for custom bridal, key factors to consider are designer,new styles, budget, time, relationship and need understanding.

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Costume jewelry has an easy 3 step process to maintain

do not wash hands, shower or swim when wearing jewelry, avoid jewelry contacting perfumes and lotions, wipe jewelry dry with a soft cotton cloth after every wear

How do I make any alterations to the dress if required.?

We recommend having a tailor make adjustments, if required.   Usually only minor adjustments are needed upon careful selection process.

Can I return or exchange a purchased item?

Yes, conditions apply. Please see return Policy on website for  details.