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Did we hear wedding bells? We’re most certain that we did!

When describing Indian weddings, we’d like to describe them as more of a festival because of all the pre/post wedding events involved. A festival that is filled with love, joy and excitement. A festival where we get to eat lots and lots of good food and dance as much as we want to. And most importantly, a festival where we get a chance to get all dolled up and click as many pictures as we want to!

There’s a lot to talk about and enjoy in Indian weddings, and there’s much expectation about looking one’s best self.  An appropriate ensemble for the event is a choice that is never ever easy to make – and if we may add especially when everyone else is giving their looks the same attention. That’s where we step in. We’re here to help you choose the most suitable ensemble(s) forthe required occasion.

Engagement Ceremony

Soon after making your love official, you will surely want to share your happy announcement with close friends and family and for this occasion you would want look the best. Engagement ceremony is one of the most important pre nuptials - It marks the beginning of the most  special journey of married life that is filled with love, joy and a thousand emotions. Some keep the ensembles light but most look at this as the first impression.

Here are a few looks that’ll make you look absolutely stunning and bring all the spotlight on you and will let you make the best first impression.

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A perfect blend of fun and tradition, ritual of colors-Haldi, holds a great importance in the Indian marriage tradition, and is an occasion for songs and dance in a typically outdoor setting. Turmeric mixed with water and oil, is put on the face, neck, hands, and feet of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. The mixture is believed to bless the couple. The yellow color of turmeric is associated with happiness and new beginnings. Haldi is also said to cleanse and purify the body.

Grace and fun defines the occasion and the choice of ensemble needs to have the right balance between comfort, color , easier to dance in , and central to the culture. The fabrics ideally need to be light and breathable so that it can support the setting and the various little activities that go along with it.


Here are a few look that’ll make you look absolutely stunning and bring all the spotlight on you and will let you make the best first impression.

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Mehndi represents growth, harmony and freshness and this is what the mehndi ceremony is all about. It is a part of the Solah Shringar or the sixteen bridal adornments. The ceremony is usually takes place the night before the wedding and mehndi is applied to the hands and legs of the bride to beautify and bless her. The purpose is to wish the couple prosperity and good luck.

So what can be worn? Let’s find out!

The Mehndi ceremony is all about vibrant colors and happy hues and  the attire for it needs to be easy to wear that allows the bride to sit and dance for long hours comfortably, and of course, add to her bridal elegance while she gets her hands and feet painted.

Here’s a look at what will make you mehndi ready

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Sangeet is one of the most looked forward to event in the entire wedding. As the name suggests, it is full of music and dance. It is a celebration of coming together of the two families & their friends in the union of their children. All relatives, friends and guests dance with love and joy and bless the couple for their bright and happy married life.

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing an outfit for sangeet. The outfit should be about providing the right balance of comfort, fashion, culture, fun and shimmer. It should bring this important occasion to life for you and your loved ones. The outfit needs to be comfortable that allows you to dance the way you want without any worries. The sangeet is one such event where you can experiment with your fit the way you want to.

Putting forth a look for you that’ll be best for a perfect sangeet.

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Reception & After

Lots of dance, good food and dressing up, this is what defines the reception. Reception is a post wedding celebration held as a welcome for those who attended the wedding.  It is the first public appearance of the newly wed couple after their marriage. This is a celebration time for both the families as they rejoice over their new accord , but at the same time a little formalness to the occassion

With reception being the last event of the wedding, it is the best time to bring out all your creativity for your outfit. The outfit should be glamorous, fashionable and exquisite but at the same time comfortable also. It should be chic and bring out the best in you.

Don’t know what to wear? Let us help you decide!

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We hope we were of some help to you. We wish you a very joyous married life!

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