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    Getting Married? 

Please allow me to share a personal view first.

As little girls all of us would have played the gudda (male doll) - guddi (female doll) role right?, and have had not just a carefree girls attitude but a view , rather a desire of getting married one day to a prince charming a person who can do no wrong. This thought often builds over the years and we have endless discussions with our girl friends, into what this person would look like?, how much would he love me? Where and how I would want to get married? How would I look in my wedding dress? How stylish would my wedding be? What would this prince charming wear that will make us look like a THE perfect couple? – there is also this little thought , this little DREAM ❤️ – I want to look like a princess for my special day – I want it made just for me… and it should fit me perfectly. AND the day arrives, the proposal made and the “Yes”. It feels so real after so many many years, the moment is breath-taking and the DREAM to have a dress just made for you grows and.. grows ..doesn’t it?

The bridal journey is so full of twists and turns and that is what makes it so very interesting. What motivates me most as some of you already know is the opportunity to be part of this “live the moment” and of being in the family and part of some wonderful & ever-lasting “memories”. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to help in my own little way make your DREAM real.

Wedding has many aspects, how to make the dress’ aspects special and effortless for the couture’ bride (sorry for the label but just could not think of a better reference) is my driving force. Here is my secret sauce..!  Once the bride confirms her design, usually takes 2-4 months to put her couture together. There are 2 steps here:  the process begins with selecting the confirmed fabric – think raw silk, silk organza and satin, then the next one is to do the khakha (think Sketching and drawing) all this can take a few weeks to complete the desired swatch (Kali).

Pic Courtesy: Vibgyor by Monica


The next stage is work. There are 3 here : one for taking the measurements onsite or remote via special aids ,

Pic Courtesy: Vibgyor by Monica


then one for doing (in some cases) a proto of the design (think paper or muslin or any other materials to get an idea)

 Pic Courtesy: Vibgyor by Monica

and then a view of the actual work in progress with the chosen color, fabrics, embroidery and style (think coutured’ work)–

Pic Courtesy: Vibgyor by Monica

the last stage is booking the fittings about at least a month prior to the wedding. Cutting it close – Not really we want to be sure that there is not a significant time gap that can perhaps alter the measurements. This is Couture after all!.

There are 2 key ones here: one is to try on the actual outfit. At this stage, fit is perfected (think actual wear and coordinated looks).

The last one is to do minor alterations if any and there you have it – one beautiful, couture from Vibgyor by Monica, Ready for the bride.

Pic Courtesy: Vibgyor by Monica / Sabyasachi


If I may, want to add trials are nostalgic, it is not just a sentimental longing fulfilled for the dreams that she has held so closely to but also a reminder to parents that the day is around the corner ❤️.  I have been part of mixed emotions up close –where there are tears of joy there is happiness and sadness – clear expressions of a wonderful journey unfolding in real time. Also, as a girl I have always cherished the little aspect of keeping what I will look on the ceremonial date a secret, it makes the day more exciting and more memorable. Another hallmark of the Couture’ bride I imagine. What will the prince charming wear - I am leaving that to my next blog. See you again sometime soon!

I welcome you to my world, a world of a Vibgyor woman. A woman who is Versatile, Independent, Brave, Gorgeous, Youthful, Outstanding and Respectful in all means!

Dreams Fulfilled! ❤️

Monica Chopra

                     BROWSE BRIDAL COUTURE                              


Disclaimer: All pictures are property of Vibgyor by Monica and/or its clients/associates. Any similarity to anyone else is purely coincidental.

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