5 Ways to Style Indo Western!

It’s Time!

It’s time to explore and play with fashion. It’s time to get innovative and spice up your look. It’s time to mix and match. It’s time for Indo Western!

Indo Western, as the name suggests, is a delicate of blend of Indian and western fashion.  Sometimes also known as Fusion wear, it brings you the best of both worlds and goes beyond boundaries. It gives way to creativity and lets you experiment with fashion.

Ever since its conception, this genre of fashion has been a huge hit.  Several celebrities have also been spotted embracing this style.

If you’re looking for ideas to pull off Indo Western, your search ends here! Here are a few ways how you can get the perfect Fusion look.


Easy Breezy

A white kurta and a pair of jeans and there, you have it, an easy, fuss free fusion look. Adding oxidized jewelry, such as a pair of jhumkas or a choker set will make your look all the more charming Oh also, you can always go for kurtas other than white.



Think Outside the Box!

Do not have a blouse? Use a fancy or even a simple crop top instead. Wearing sarees with crop tops can give you a look that is alluring, cotemporary and unique. Add modern jewelry for that added charm. Psst, you can also use a shirt as blouse!


Go Bold or Go Home

You can also try your hands on the famous Blazer on ethnic ensemble trend. It adds certain boldness and chicness to your overall look.  You can add matching rather heavy jewelry for that extra glam. One thing is for sure, it definitely helps you stand out.



Playful designs for an experimental you!

You can never go wrong with some playful designs that beautifully blends the Indian and western fashion. Comfort drape dresses with intricate cuts and vibrant colors gives you a look that is authentic and absolutely stunning.



 Nice and Easy!

Finally, going for dresses with indie prints can help you get that effortless fusion look. Long ethnic skirts or even a lehenga works great too. Pairing it with a shirt or a basic tank top will do the trick.


So are you ready to ace Indo Western? We know you are!

Hoping we were of some help to you.



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