Is Comfort fashion the new normal?

Vibgyor by Monica had started 2020 with its usual Bridal and Fashion design goals, little realizing the year would turn it upside down and this happens right after celebrating 10 years in 2019!! ❤️🤦‍♀️. March was a surprise😮 , April turned into like "What's going on"🙄 , May became " this is not looking good what can do to contribute"🤔 and June was like " Got to go back to the design board and look at Apple & Jumpsuits for inspiration" - - 🍎you must be like "What!!"

'What can be done to contribute' was easier. The opportunity came through of stitching medical grade masks and distributing them to healthcare facilities in Chicago. Below is the picture of me and my cutie pies making the masks. It was great , very satisfying as it met the needs of some healthcare practitioners who were reeling under PPE shortages at that time🎯. Felt discharged the role of a good corporate citizen. 

'looking at Apple & Jumpsuits for inspiration..' became the focal point.  so wish we had a key🗝to unlock the fashion lock for 2020 which we didn't. What we had were the simple fashion inspirations from Apple and the convenience & comfort from a jump suit single piece look and a belief that the fashion market will be different and that the heavier looks that we have so marketed for years would be more apt for a bridal market 👰 ; Born out of that belief & a product inspiration💋 from last year the design team is working very hard to put together a couture' (made to order) "comfort -fashion" line - watch out for this space on the & our social platforms in the coming days. A look that is so apt for the occasions we live in - private events, family affairs, individual milestones and very intimate gatherings.

There are a lot of amazing things happening at Vibgyor by Monica as always - we are all very excited and ready to take on Covid!. In the meanwhile we invite you to review & shop 🛒some new & interesting couture and jewelry by clicking the "Become a Vibgyor woman" button below.  Exclusively for Vibgyor by Monica - Fan list there is no shipping or taxes on Jewelry for a very very short time when you register & shop 👇 

Thank you for all your ❤️ as always. 

Vibgyor by Monica Team

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